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12 pk. 12 oz. Cans or <br>8 pk. 12 oz. Bottles<br>Select Varieties<br>Coke Product

12 pk. 12 oz. Cans or 
8 pk. 12 oz. Bottles
Select Varieties
Coke Product

6 pack .5 Liter<br>Select Varieties<br>Coke Products

6 pack .5 Liter
Select Varieties
Coke Products

Frito Lay 9.5-10 oz. <br>Select Varieties <br>Lay's Potato Chips

Frito Lay 9.5-10 oz. 
Select Varieties 
Lay's Potato Chips

​​Fresh1​6 oz. pkg. Strawberries​​

​​Fresh1​6 oz. pkg. Strawberries​​


We have the feel of a Hometown Grocer...because that's what we are

Valley Market is a locally owned and operated independent grocery store dedicated to serving the beautiful Ogden Valley. We've grown with the valley over the years, and take pride in fulfilling all our guests' grocery needs. We have a friendly and helpful staff that work hard at making you feel at home. We have everything from fresh produce, custom cuts of meat and cheeses, freshly baked goods, to hot ready-to-eat deli items. We welcome special requests, and look forward to helping you bring the finest and freshest foods to your table. We love this valley and are thankful to be a part of it. Our goal is to give back to the community that has given us so much.

Western Family

Since 1934, Western Family has had a prominent place at America's tables. Western Family has had a tradition of excellent products and a heritage of healthy solutions for every family. When guests purchase Western Family products, they know they're getting great quality at a terrific value. In fact, if they are not completely satisfied with any Western Family item, they can return it and receive double their money back.

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